Financial roadmap to help you launch & grow your side hustle or small business: 

Learn the financial roadmap's steps to build a strong foundation for your side hustle or small business: 1 - Defining Motivation, 2 - Brainstorming, 3 - Being in Compliance, 4 - Structuring Business, 5 - Doing Good, 6 - Managing Inflows, 7 - Managing Outflows, 8 - Tracking Transactions, 9 - Tax Strategizing, and 10 - Building a Team.

Welcome! My name is Yvonne Sullivan and I am a licensed CPA with over 20 years of experience with 100's of entrepreneurs and small businesses. I will guide you through each step of the financial roadmap to help you understand the fundamentals (basics). You will feel empowered to make better financial decisions. We will have fun in the process!

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Weekly Live Group Coaching

Take a deeper dive into the financial management of your side hustle or small business with a knowledgeable coach and with your peers. We video conference every Wednesday, 8-10 PM EST. 

Juggling a side hustle or small business is exciting, but the lack of financial knowledge can quickly become overwhelming and costly. Stop feeling lost in a pile of receipts or endless spreadsheets! Our weekly live group coaching, designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs like you, empowers you to master the financial side. Learn proven strategies for cash flow management, pricing, and taxes and more. You will have the opportunity to ask specific questions related to your side hustle or small business as well as learn from your peers. Cancel anytime when you feel empowered to go it alone.